This week we have been learning all about Islam and especially the mosque. We have learnt lots of things about the mosque; what they look like, what certain features are on the outside and the inside and all the different activities that happen at the mosque.

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Explanation texts

Our non-fiction text type for this half term is explanation texts. We are looking at the features of the text type first, before researching more about a certain topic which we will then write our own explanation text on.

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Short division

We have been progessing our knowledge of division by learning the bus stop method for dividing 2 digits by 1. Eventually, we will move onto divisions with remainders in the calculation but not in the answer.

What is 69 divided by 3?

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Our poetry for this half term is the lovely topic of limericks. We have been reading and discussing a wide range of limericks to see what they all seem to have in common / follow a certain format (features).

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Our fiction text type for this half term is SCI-FI. We have been reading and discussing a wide range of age appropriate short sci-fi stories. We will look at writing our own inspired by one of the stories.

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Iron Age

This week we have been learning what it would have been like to live in the Iron Age and on a hill fort. We acted out certain activities or parts of the day from the Iron Age.

Can you figure out what some of the activities are from the pictures (quite difficult!)

What activities did they do?

How is it different from today?